Antioch Baptist Church has a long-standing tradition in the Sandston community and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our history and our traditions, but we are also aware of our responsibilities of today and into the future!

Pastor: Greg Soult

In recent days, our country, state, local leaders, and health care providers have been taking unprecedented steps in an effort to slow the spread of COVID19 (Corona Virus) with recommendations from the CDC. Slowing the virus will help to less the impact on our health care system and help to protect the most vulnerable among us. These steps include limiting the size of gatherings to ten. We are concerned for the health of our members, our staff, and their families.

Given the current state of this global pandemic and our country’s time frame in it, Antioch Baptist Church will not be gathering in person for worship, bible study, or choir practice for the foreseeable future. We will continue to look at new guidance and guidelines as they become available and may adapt as necessary as time goes on. At this time, we have cancelled all scheduled meetings and use of the building immediately through at least April 30th right now, but that too could change.
We will let folks know initially through all digital forms, updates to app and website, local news, a message for those who call in the office phone, and small sign on church door.

What we can do:
Mid-Week Bible Study and Prayer Time: Wednesday’s at 6:30pm
Sunday Sermon & Perhaps a Song: Sunday’s at 11am
Provide updates on our current situation, as needed
There will be no printed newsletter for the time being but will be sent out digitally

How will we do this?
Through Antioch’s Facebook page, Website, Instagram and our App (available on iPhone and Andrioid)

Through Antioch’s Email list
DVD’s Can be provided to those that request them

Each of these digital or print forms also allow for the freedom for others to view them, and there is freedom to join at the time of broadcast or to view later.

Prayer requests can be sent through email.

If none of these work for you, we would encourage you to find a local church service on television like First Baptist Church Richmond or others.

We are exploring options for future meetings if the need arises. We will use streaming to help limit the size of the group and to ensure safety. If needed further details will be provided.

As guidance changes, we will explore options for safe alternatives for large gatherings.

What you can do:
• For our country, state, local governments, health care professionals, and law enforcement as they seek to make wise and informed decisions concerning public safety.
• For our church leaders, staff, members, community, friends, and neighbors.

• Make a few connections each day through phone calls, texts, email and social media
• Look for at least one or two positive things to praise God for each day
• Look for creative ways to practice community
• Write a letter or card to a friend
• Make sure you we have your current email to keep updated on the latest, if you are unsure, please send us your email and name to or

Tithes and Offerings options:
• You can dropped in the church’s mailbox out by the road. It has a lock on it just slide through the slot

• Mail to:
Antioch Baptist Church
3868 Antioch Church Road
Sandston, VA 23150

• Digitally give through e-Giving using Antioch Baptist, Sandston APP (avilable on iPhone or Andrioid phones) or through our website @

Day to Day and Help:
Our Ministry Assistant, Connie Lambert, will work from home and will be checking messages often.

Pastor Greg will be available and can be reached by email @ or social meida. At this time, considering my health risks with diabetes and hospitals and health care facilities tightening up and many not allowing non-patients in, I will connect through phone or skype if necessary.

Office number 804.737.0500, Office email:

If each one could reach one, two or three, we can be an encouragement to each other and spread love instead of this dreaded virus. Deacons and Sunday school teachers, please take this opportunity to reach out to our people and vice versa.

We are in a unique time in history and are trying to do our part to help and also to consider each of your health and well-being.

To Conclude:
We ask that you pray for our country, state, local community, congregation, staff, friends, and family. Help where you can and be wise about your contact with others. Please be patient with others during these uncertain times. We are going through this together and your grace and patience are needed, appreciated, and demonstrate that we trust Christ is in control and we will get through this.

May God’s Grace and Peace be with you,
Pastor Greg