Antioch Baptist Church has a long-standing tradition in the Sandston community and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our history and our traditions, but we are also aware of our responsibilities of today and into the future!

Pastor: Greg Soult

After careful consideration and planning, we have made preparations for a basic re-gathering for an 11am worship service.  We will continue to provide live streaming on Facebook and recorded sermons on Antioch’s website and App.  Wednesday Night Bible Study will still be online for the foreseeable future.  I will continue offering devotional thoughts on Mondays and Fridays through my personal Facebook page as well as sharing to Antioch’s page.

In our efforts to conform to CDC and state guidelines during Phase 2 of reopening, the following will be necessary.

 What Re-gathering at Antioch will look like?

  • We will be gathering in the Fellowship Hall, with a single point of entry and exit through the external doors in the Fellowship Hall.
  • The seats are set up at 6 feet apart for social distancing standards and will have limited seating (approx. 45 seats). We also ask that you maintain that distance in all interactions.
  • Upon entering we will require you to sanitize your hands, wear a mask while indoors, (if you do not have one. one will be provided to you) and have your temperature taken.
  • If you do not feel well, are running a fever, been out of the country, or around someone with COVID please remain at home and watch digitally.
  • Limit movement only to the Fellowship Hall. (no visiting classrooms, kitchen area, etc.)
  • One set of restrooms will be available but encourage each person to use restrooms at home if possible.

What will the service look like? 

  • Sermon at 11:00 am.
  • No printed bulletin.
  • No children’s time.
  • No in-person singing. Special music will be shared virtually.
  • No passing of the offering plate. One will be available at the door for any contributions/donations.
  • No sharing the Lord’s Supper (communion) until further notice.

What WILL NOT resume in person at this time.

  • No Sunday School (although we will work to provide other options)
  • No Choir Practice
  • No children’s activities or nursery
  • No breakfast, meals, coffee, etc.
  • No in-house Wednesday night Bible Study
  • No other uses of the building

What we anticipate?

  • Over time these guidelines and practices may need to be amended or altered based on the latest guidance from the CDC and our state officials and for the health and safety of our members and community. (This could mean more or fewer restrictions)
  • Please understand and anticipate that our re-gathering will seem too soon for some and not soon enough for others. Understand we are doing our best.

 What we ask/need?  Prayer, Cooperation, and Grace


  • We ask you to pray for us as a faith family and our leaders as we begin the process of re-regathering.
  • Pray that although many things may look and feel different, we can experience God at work among us and through this process.


  • We ask for your cooperation in this process. We want to be with you and are making cautious and thoughtful choices for our collective health and safety. 
  • Key to this safety is trying our best to honor the guidelines put forth.
  • We are blessed to have each of you in our family and thanks for helping to make this safe, smooth, and successful.


  • As we attempt to work through this re-gathering process, we will do our best.
  • The decisions made may not be your personal preference or individual choices.
  • You may find that other members of our faith family will have differing opinions or thoughts on these decisions.
  • There will be differences, but they need not be divisions.
  • Exercise an abundance of grace for those who differ from you.
  • As we re-gather may we be together in one accord.

What are our hopes?

  • We hope as we move into an uncertain future that we trust the one who holds the future in his hands.
  • We hope that we will be faithful to the mission and message even if the method or mode of accomplishing the mission may change.
  • We hope that the opportunities to re-gather will also re-energize us to pursue his mission in the world today.
  • We hope that some of the energy and innovation will help to facilitate broader opportunities to share Christ with others in our community, commonwealth, and country.
  • We hope to see each of you when you feel safe.

What about the future?

  • The church (the body of believers) will do as they have always done. Remaining faithful to the message and mission while remaining thoughtful of how to do this in our current crisis and condition.
  • The future may call for a greater degree of flexibility which can also allow for creative opportunities.
  • The future we hope for and are hopeful about starts with the decisions we make now. Looking toward a distant horizon that we can help to shape and ensure.
  • Will you join us in shaping the future for us, for those we love, for those to come, for the sake of Christ in the world?

The future is uncertain for sure, but God is there.  If God is there, then that is where I want to be.  Will you join me on the journey?

May Grace Abound,

Pastor Greg